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Pay What You Want


I really like this model. I use it because, I no longer wanted money to be an excuse that limited my ability to work with certain clients. I also knew that money is a tool helping clients determine the value of the service and what they are willing to invest. I have had unemployed clients who invested in the time and ended up with jobs. It could have been easy for them to say, I will wait until I am working again.

It’s one less excuse. I grow weary of excuses grounded in our fears disguised as rationalizations. I am excited when people decide to live their dreams, count the cost and seek to make a difference.

This recent post by Seth Godin explains the economics behind it.

For me, Pay What You Want or Pay What You Can Afford sets a tone for service. It is the kind of pricing concept that honors the client, the cost and community. This is not about marketing. It’s about transformation.

It’s time to live our dreams, someone is waiting… 

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